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Do you need a brainstorm, but your team is working remote? This tool will help you to fix this problem. This tool was created in need of combining different functions as: collecting information, sharing them with the rest of the team and giving feedback. It is a simple way to communicate and to store all the information. “Since then, thousands of creative teams and individuals have used MURAL to organize, share, and develop their ideas. We use MURAL to design MURAL every day.”




Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview)

Adobe Experience Design CC is a response for Sketch and you can use it only on Mac computers. Updates and new features are added every month.
“Adobe XD is made for fast, fluid UX design with innovative tools that eliminate speed bumps and deliver breakthrough performance. Switch from design to prototype in a single click. Quickly create wireframes and visual designs, preview changes in real time, and share prototypes with your team for instant feedback.” We’re adding new features every month.





JUSTINMIND is a perfect tool for prototyping solution for all screens. It allows you to share and test designs that run on real devices, and make your wireframe look and feel like the finished application to get a complete sense of your experience. Morover this tool lets you create interactive wireframes with interactions, animations, and even data without ever having to worry about code.




The most popular mind mapping software” is coming with the great upgrade. It is free and well prepared to think through projects and challenges more completely, and reach clarity on issues faster. Also, you can integrate XMind into your product, store data into XMind files, or even build your own mind mapping software based-on XMind.





Flinto is another great tool, which lets designers quickly make interactive prototypes of their mobile, desktop, or web apps. It is very simple in use and also available for Mac and Windows.

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